Case Studies

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Dr. Byron Diehl

"Our patients appreciate the extra reminders! By installing Ortho Sesame in our practice, it helped significantly reduce our no-shows and cancellations by 50%. It was immediate!"
- Dr. Byron Diehl

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Dr. Bruce Ouellette

"Our Sesame Website is a lot classier! It doesn't come across as a generic website, as many of them do!"
- Dr. Bruce Ouellette, DDS & Associates

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Dr. Michael McCarthy, DDS

"Appointment reminders are our biggest asset. Our patients love receiving reminders sent to them via text or e-mail."
- Dr. Michael McCarthy, DDS

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Research Briefs

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Healthgrades Enhanced Profiles: Dental Practice Appointment Volume Performance Study

Sesame conducted a study to measure the impact of Healthgrades Enhanced Profiles, available from Sesame Communications, on dental practice appointment volume. The research examined the year-over-year performance over a three month period in 2013 and 2014 using a test group

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Digital Marketing in Dental Practices - National Study Findings

The current research study found 78% of dentists have some type of practice website. The majority adoption of a website in dental practices is just one of the findings from a national study on digital marketing brand awareness and use

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Digital Patient Engagement Platforms National Study Findings

Digital patient engagement platforms (sometimes referred to as ‘patient login’ systems) provide a suite of functionality to digitally communicate and interact with patients. Sophisticated platforms include automated appointment reminders (via text, email and phone) as well as other powerful functionality

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WP Digital Dental Practice

The Digital Dental Practice - 2014

2014 Dental Market Survey - Digital Marketing and Patient Communications The Internet has become a powerful global game changer, impacting how businesses interact with their market and transact their services. Dentistry has not been immune to the profound effect

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Guides to Practice Success

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3 Keys to Building the Ideal Patient Community

Practices today spend a great deal of attention, time and resources on marketing to secure new patients. Though this is an effective and valid strategy, practices often overlook the gold mine that already exists. All practices have patients with diagnosed

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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

For the past two decades promoting your brand on the Internet was synonymous with creating a practice website. However, a dramatic increase in competition for new patients and the sophistication of consumers means a single point of online brand development

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5 Rules for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Online patient reviews are a top of mind concern for dentists, since they significantly impact practice success. Reviews not only affect prospective patients’ perceptions of your practice, they also impact your overall online reputation in your local community. This Sesame

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