Guides to Practice Success


3 Keys to Building the Ideal Patient Community

Practices today spend a great deal of attention, time and resources on marketing to secure new patients. Though this is an effective and valid strategy, practices often overlook the gold mine that already exists. All practices have patients with diagnosed

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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

For the past two decades promoting your brand on the Internet was synonymous with creating a practice website. However, a dramatic increase in competition for new patients and the sophistication of consumers means a single point of online brand development

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5 Rules for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Online patient reviews are a top of mind concern for dentists, since they significantly impact practice success. Reviews not only affect prospective patients’ perceptions of your practice, they also impact your overall online reputation in your local community. This Sesame

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5 Keys to Getting More New Patients from your Practice Website

Over the past decades dentists have embraced the digital age of practice branding and marketing. A cornerstone of any online presence is an optimal practice website. A national research study of 589 dental professionals, sponsored by Sesame Communications, confirmed this,

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6 Reasons Why Prospective Patients Searching Online Aren't Choosing Your Practice

With 86% of all American adults using the Internet, there is no doubt that prospective patients are online, and that they are searching for dental care providers. The best way to market your practice online is rapidly evolving as internet

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8 Ways to Use Online Patient Communication Tools to Improve Practice Efficiency and Effectiveness

To effectively manage a dental practice for profitability it is imperative that you retain relationships with existing patients, reduce no shows, keep schedules full, collect treatment fees, and attract new patients.

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5 Types of Facebook Content That Will Drive Patient Engagement and Loyalty for Your Dental Practice

Ever notice how some Facebook posts from dental practices—maybe even a competitor—seem to rack up hundreds of “likes,” shares, and comments with ease? Curious as to how these practices’ brands manage to consistently engage their patients and prospective patients? Download

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5 Ways to Use a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile to Drive New Patient Appointments

Today, the #1 source for consumers seeking comprehensive, trustworthy information about healthcare providers is, with more than 225million annual visitors.

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5 Signs Your Website Needs Updating

Your website is your best opportunity—outside of a face-to-face discussion with a patient—to communicate what makes your practice unique and to convince a prospective patient to make an appointment.

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5 Ways Automated Reminders Increase Practice Production

Every practice wants the same outcome: more patients showing up for their appointments (and on time would be even better). The financial impact of missed appointments is significant: Sesame Communications conducted a survey and found that missed appointments cost dental

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5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Responsive Website Now

Patients today no longer search for your practice using just their computers. More than ever, they are using their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to search for businesses like yours.

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Top 10 Mistakes in Building a Dental Website — And How to Avoid Them

Your website is your best opportunity—outside of a face-to-face discussion with a patient—to communicate what you and your staff value, and what makes your practice unique.

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6 Ways to Use Mobile Technology to Grow Your Practice in 2013

You’ve worked hard to make your practice website look great online, but how does it display on your smartphone? Take a moment to pull up your website on your smartphone and evaluate the result for yourself.

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4 Must Have Social Media Strategies for Your Practice in 2013

You’ve got your practice Facebook page, Twitter, blog and some YouTube videos up and running. However, social media channels and the way your patients interact with them are constantly changing.

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20 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

It’s no surprise considering Facebook has more than a billion users, with the average U.S. consumer spending over seven hours per month on Facebook.

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8 Best Practices for Compelling Website Content

Beyond the basics such as capabilities and contact information, what kind of content should your dental practice’s website include? “Anything that will contribute to a pleasant experience for patients” is a pretty good answer.

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8 Elements of a Patient-Focused Website

Your dental practice’s website is the online “face” for your business. You want it to reflect your capabilities and your philosophy. Sesame Communications recently conducted a national market research study in partnership with Resolution Research.

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6 SEO Strategies to Help Patients Find Your Practice Online

The Internet may connect us globally, but consumers primarily search for businesses right in their own backyard. Recent studies have shown that 90% of consumers use search engines when looking for local products or services.

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